COVID-19 Update

• We are only offering curbside appointments currently. Please call us at 616-241-3651 when you arrive at the clinic and are ready to be checked in. The receptionist will transfer you to another team member, who will gather all the necessary information for the appointment. A team member will then pick your pet up at your vehicle and bring him/her into the clinic. The veterinarian will call you to discuss findings and recommended treatments. We will then collect payment over the phone and drop your pet off at your vehicle.
• We are only offering curbside pickup of pet food and medicine as well.

On March 30, Governor Whitmer issued a new executive order, specific to veterinary medicine, that provided clarity on what is considered “essential” veterinary services. According to the order, they include:

  • services/treatments that preserve the life of a pet, as determined by a licensed veterinarian,
  • treatment of serious pain that threatens the health and safety of a pet, as determined by a licensed veterinarian,
  • euthanasia procedures, if medically indicated by a veterinarian to help relieve pain and suffering,
  • treatment or prevention of any infectious diseases that can be transmitted between animals and human beings, as determined by a licensed veterinarian,
  • medically indicated vaccinations of any animals,
  • and non-elective surgeries, as well as dental procedures, that help to relieve underlying oral pain.

Animal Clinic will be providing these services while this executive order is in effect. We will see sick animals in person, as necessary, but we will make an effort to address medical concerns remotely when possible and appropriate, in order to further reduce physical contact. 

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at 616-241-3651. Thank you for your understanding! Animal Clinic, Inc.

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